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Re: [zzdev] Re: Referential text

> > I think we should give it a try -- which means that we have to hand it
> > through to the cell views. (That's going to be some work which I don't
> > have time for at the moment.) Just one thing: ZZText.split(...) should
> > definitely be static.
> Actually, that calls into question the whole approach again.

Not agreed. You use split(cell, offs, dim). If you didn't give the dim,
I'd understand that overriding could make sense, but if I have the dim,
can there be any different ways to split the cell?

Could you give an example?

> > I guess advanced ZZTexts should be cascading, i.e. take another ZZText
> > in their constructor -- that way, e.g. texts in different languages can
> > be referential as well.
> Or they should defer to the earlier level.
> I'm now thinking that ZZText might *not* be the place to do referential
> text. Rather, we should have ZZCell have a function that returns a
> RString, and a fairly low-level way to do this but also have access to the
> contents inside the ZZ space, one span per cell.

I haven't understood yet.