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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] How to use Mark?

On 20001025T103546+0300, Katariina Ervasti wrote:
> Is "it's complicated" not a good reason? 

No, because it does not really mean anything.  When we talked about this
yesterday, you used the phrase in places where I was pointing out where
things need to be done *differently* (not necessarily more complicatedly)
with WML.  We never got to the complicated parts of WML, and you don't
need to bother with those.

The best word I can think of that describes how the "it's complicated"
sounds to me in this case is "muutosvastarinta".  I don't know the
English equivalent, but it essentially means opposing change because
it's change from the safe old choice.

> People like me (who use computers in order to work in a more
> effective way) easily get a headache of computer stuff being too
> complicated and actually not making working faster at all

Indeed.  Wasn't that one of Ted's points and why we are doing all this?
GZigZag is not yet ready as a writing tool so we still need to bother
with the clumsy traditional tools.  It's just that Tuomas and I consider
HTML too clumsy for writing real documents - so we use a better language
and then automatically translate the resulting document into that clumsy
HTML, since computers don't mind clumsiness.

> >From a user's perspective, the world of computer people is CRAZY very
> ABSURD world full of buzz words you (an alien) don't really understand. 

Yes, this is a known problem.  Have you ever heard the term "buzzword
compliant"? :-)

(No, this project and the people in it don't really care about buzzwords.)

> Well, you can do a nice-looking version with just simple HTML
> tags that ANY browser will understand.

Indeed.  However, as you probably know, presentational HTML elements
are deprecated.  The W3C recommendation is to use style sheets, which
is what the (generated) documents use.

> (A buggy browser or not, who cares, most programmes have bugs.)

By that logic we can happily remove the NS4-compatible version.

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