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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] How to use Mark?

> We do listen, but listening does not automatically mean agreeing.
> In my opinion at least, you have not given any reason for not using WML.
> Except that "it's complicated", which mostly sounds to me like "I want
> to use HTML because that's what I know and I don't care about learning
> another tool, better or not better".  That is fine with me.  And it's

Is "it's complicated" not a good reason? 

People like me (who use computers in order to work in a more
effective way) easily get a headache of computer stuff being too
complicated and actually not making working faster at all (because
you spent most of the time learning how a tool works and once you
have learned that there's suddenly a NEW tool which is claimed
to be a better one). 

From a user's perspective, the world of computer people is CRAZY very
ABSURD world full of buzz words you (an alien) don't really understand. 
I keep repeating to myself "Cat, consider it as a linguistic problem,
consider it as a linguistic promlem" and that's probably why I have
survived so far. ;-)

> > Besides, I don't understand why we need to have several versions
> > of the docs on the Web.
> Because Tuomas wants to have nice-looking versions of them, 

Well, you can do a nice-looking version with just simple HTML
tags that ANY browser will understand. (A buggy browser or not,
who cares, most programmes have bugs.)

> And it is possible to just give you a list of tags you can use in addition
> to the HTML tags you already know.

Thank you very much, this would be very helpful.

alien cat