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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] How to use Mark?

On 20001025T092530+0300, Katariina Ervasti wrote:
> I would really like to put one version of the user's guide
> on the Web, but there's one problem. I CAN'T.

I have offered to do the WML conversion for you.  The offer still stands.

> I have complained about this but the guys just don't
> listen to me.  

We do listen, but listening does not automatically mean agreeing.
In my opinion at least, you have not given any reason for not using WML.
Except that "it's complicated", which mostly sounds to me like "I want
to use HTML because that's what I know and I don't care about learning
another tool, better or not better".  That is fine with me.  And it's
why I did offer to do the conversion for you.

The fact is that HTML is a bad language for authors to use directly,
especially if you want to do some fancy HTML markup.

> Besides, I don't understand why we need to have several versions
> of the docs on the Web.

Because Tuomas wants to have nice-looking versions of them, which
unfortunately means that the docs would be unreadable to the users
of certain buggy but popular browsers.  (Of course Tuomas could use a
custom style sheet for viewing the pages, but I assume he has chosen
against that, for some reason.)

> Once you have learnt something (which in my case is
> HTML) then comes a geek and says 'oh you ought to forget
> that now and learn this (which in my case is WML)

Nobody told you to forget HTML.  Knowledge of it is essential for doing
anything in WML.

And it is possible to just give you a list of tags you can use in addition
to the HTML tags you already know.

> it's not complicated at all

It's not, if you can leave the complications to me and Tuomas :-)

(WML *is* complicated in its fullness, but there's no need for an author
to consider the complicated parts of WML, if there are people to whom
he or she can refer to if necessary.)

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