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Re: [zzdev] How to use Mark?

> How do I connect two cells that I've marked?  In the previous versions, I

Here's what I've done when I've wanted to connect two cells.
(Choose either a) or b). I know two ways of doing this.)

a) A Way to Connect Two Cells without Marking Them
- Move the right cursor on the first cell and the left
cursor on the second cell
- Press '/' and one of the direction keys (to indicate the direction
of the connection)

b) A Way to Connect Two Cells by Marking one of them
- Mark one cell and point the other one with the right cursor 
- Press '-' and one of the direction keys

I've noticed that if you mark TWO cells and and then try 
to connect them by pressing '-' and a direction key the
cells will be connected into a circle (which is not good
because if you didn't want a circle you have to
break one of the connections).  

Cell Views? I dunno about that yet, it's a part that has not
not been added to the user's guide I'm writing.

I would really like to put one version of the user's guide
on the Web, but there's one problem. I CAN'T. The reason for
I why I can't do this is that the guys want me to use WML.
According to their opinion it is absolutely necessary to
use it. (They've even given me various for this.) 

I don't know anything about WML and I wouldn't like to
know anything about it. I went to a web site explaining
what WML is and they said that people who hate programming
wont' like it. So I don't like it. I just want to write.

I have complained about this but the guys just don't
listen to me.  

Besides, I don't understand why we need to have several versions
of the docs on the Web. Why don't we just use simple HTML tags?
ANY browser will understand that. As a SIMPLE user I think that 
web sites which provide several versions of files are frustrating.

At the moment I'm so SICK and TIRED of the world of computer people.
Once you have learnt something (which in my case is
HTML) then comes a geek and says 'oh you ought to forget
that now and learn this (which in my case is WML), it's 
not complicated at all, so much better compared with the 
previous way of doing things'.

cat, VERY frustrated