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Re: [Gzigzag-commits] gzigzag/Java ZZCell.java

"Tuomas J. Lukka" wrote:
> Update of /cvsroot/gzigzag/gzigzag/Java
> In directory slayer.i.sourceforge.net:/tmp/cvs-serv29651
> Modified Files:
>         ZZCell.java
> Log Message:
> Make toString return the cell ID. Scream if this hurt you.

It doesn't *hurt*, but I've just realized I'm spending a lot of time
writing debug messages which give both the cell contents and id, and
debug messages are what I suppose this is intended for, so what about returning:

getText() + " (" + getID() + ")"

--? Because often when you debug, it's faster to identify a cell by its
contents, but when it's e.g. empty or a clone, you need the id as well.
This would be a lot of help for me -- is it o.k. with you if I change it
that way?
- Benja