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:zz: Still interested in ZigZag?

Hi Richard--

When you visited our houseboat for the first time a couple of
 years ago, you expressed interest in ZigZag and said you
 wanted to put it into Emacs. Is this still of interest to you?

The task is now simpler, since code is available (in Java).
 In case you haven't heard, there's now an Open Source version
 being done in Finland.  It's quite marvelous.  The trademark
 "ZigZag" has been prepended with a "g", in honor of the Gnu
 tradition.  You can drop on it at
 and there's a User's Guide at

All best, Ted
I will be presenting you as a hero in my next book,
 *Geeks Bearing Gifts*.

Theodor Holm Nelson              
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Visiting Professor, University of Southampton, England
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