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Re: [zzdev] "Mailboxes" is a misnomer

> reading the CyberText article, I've just noticed a bad misnomer:
> "mailboxes" for the different places in which you store mails. A
> mailbox, if my English serves me right, is the thing that is next to the
> entrance of your house: there's one per flat, usually. Extending this to
> the computer world, a mailbox is space in which all mails for one person
> (or a group of persons) arrive. You hardly sort your mail into different
> _mailboxes_! ;) So "mailbox" suggests the wrong things. 
> "Filing" comes pretty close, although it has the wrong conotations. What
> about "topic group" or something?

Good catch. Actually, folder is the standard term which most email
programs seem to use. I've changed the relevant occurrences (will commit

Any other comments on that article? It's due pretty soon and is not yet
quite finished enough ;) ;)