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CT article (was: Re: [zzdev] "Mailboxes" is a misnomer)

Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> Any other comments on that article? It's due pretty soon and is not yet
> quite finished enough ;) ;)

Yeah, you should change "he" (the user) to "he or she." :)

Actually, no good suggestions above that level come to mind; however,
the following notes might be of some help.

> The current implementation has not quite reached this level
> of purity yet: the windows and subwindows are not stored
> in the structure but the cursor and dimensions are. Work is
> underway to remedy this. 

This isn't up to date, is it? We have ZZWindows, and subwindows only
aren't stored in the structure because there are no subwindows.

> One of the points Nelson has made in several talks (XXX??? on
> paper?) is that the term "cut&paste", as used in the computer field,

You could reference Ted's computer paradigm one liners, available from
his homepage.


> GZigZag is probably (XXX???) the first system to implement such
> transpointing with beams: an earlier Xanadu client Pyxi by XXX
> shows transclusions by colors but does not do transpointing. The

See Ted's ACM paper, "Xanalogical Media: Needed Now More Than Ever;"
search for "WHAT IT WILL TAKE" (near the bottom). There's a screenshot
of a working demo created at the University of Southampton by Ted an Ian Heath.

Of course, you could say that they use LINES, not "beams," but that
would be *very* picky. Ted, anything to say about this?