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I need a tame code-tester!!

Every time I make much of a change to the ZigZag code, I need to start
up the program and test almost every other function to make sure they
all still work and I haven't broken anything.

Well, that's what I -should- do.  I don't, because I hate doing that
stuff, it drives me crazy so I refuse to do it for less than $AU40 an
hour :).  This leads to bad-and-silly situations like recently where I
discovered I'd broken the clone-insertion code THREE VERSIONS AGO
(these aren't official versions, just the ones I send to Xanni) and not
realized!  Obviously, this is Not A Good Thing for ZigZag.

If I could have somebody -else- to do this nasty testing for me, I
could get about twice as much done.  It's not a hard job, basically I
write a list of all the common zigzag functions (insert a cell, etid a
cell, insert a clone ...) and then every time I mail you the new
version you run through them and email me back if any of them break.


It's so quiet around here lately, what's up?

Xanni, I'm waiting on replies from you on about a million Really
Important Emails and it's bugging me ...

Somebody said there might be more $ coming.  I've been keeping a
logfile since last time and I've put in about 17 hours since last I
got paid.  How many hours do I need to clock up?

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