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Re: [zzdev] Testers

On Thu, Jul 30, 1998 at 04:02:05PM +1000, Gossamer wrote:
> It's so quiet around here lately, what's up?

We're all flat out working on stuff I suspect!  :-)

> Xanni, I'm waiting on replies from you on about a million Really
> Important Emails and it's bugging me ...

I know and I'm really really sorry I haven't had a chance to answer them
yet.  They're still in my inbox staring me in the face every day... I
promise to go through them very soon, probably Sunday or Monday.

> : From your parents you learn love and laughter and how to put one foot
> : in front of the other.  But when books are opened, you discover you
> : have wings.  -- Helen Hayes

Great quote!

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