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Andrew Pam wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 24, 1999 at 12:23:42PM +0100, _|=~ wrote:
> > i have one question ... ;)
> Only one?  :-)
yes some more in fact, though i ll keep em for later .. ;)
but i also have the first problem:

i edited a large file/cell and on saving it back, zz "crashed" out and
after that i couldnt start it again with my datafile with the message:
[opt@wrzk zigzag]$ ./zigzag ../jodel.data
No cell 126 at ZigZag.pm line 557.
        ...propagated at ./zigzag line 873.
[opt@wrzk zigzag]$ 
what could i do on this one?

and also, a sidetrack:
how can i add the zigzag directory to the perl "@INC" path so it can
find ZigZag.pm also when invocing from outside the basedir?