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Re: [zigzag] Re:hElo:eR

On Sun, Jan 24, 1999 at 12:23:42PM +0100, _|=~ wrote:
> i have one question ... ;)

Only one?  :-)

> when the "q" toggle is on, is there any way to scroll the cells contents
> if the text is longer than my screen?

Not at present, no.  It could certainly be added but if you really need
to see the entire cell contents it should probably be opened in a window
of its own.  One way to do this at present is just to use Control-D or
Control-K to open the cell in an external editor, but of course we could
also implement a viewing mode where the accursed cell gets a window of
its own whose contents change as you move the cursor.

The prototype HTML interface presently shows the entire contents of all
visible cells, relying on the browser to provide scrolling as necessary.

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