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Re: Peter We Need to Know II

I can't find your first report of the matter,
 but I see that it wasn't just that you were
 booting with our floppy, but that you

Are you sure you're a Barus and not a Nelson ???

This reminds me of what I did in '88.
 The mag-optical on my Mac had gone off
 on an error of its own for fifteen minutes,
 and I figured it was broken,
so I pushed in The Great Staightened Paperclip ...

Goodbye all my files.

So my request would simply be:

Would you be willing to reboot it just once,
 for the record, and **not** stop it in the Instep
 (mid-boot) ?

If it comes up properly, we will all feel
 very much better.

All the best, Ted

At 02:54 PM 6/25/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>> I'm very glad you got your second floppy working
> again.  However, when you say
>>I don't know what
>>happened, but I won't be rudely interrupting a boot again any time soon.
>Please reconsider.  You're the only person
> who had this problem.  As of now, strictly
> from reasoning, we have to deny culpability.
> But I would like very much for you to try it again.
> If the problem *does* happen again, then we've
> got a big problem that we had better know about
> right away.  If not, the Long Arm of Coincidence
> is the presumptive culprit. <<
>-or the Dangling Digit of Destiny... That computer is about to go to the
>Big Plug and be my internet server. But I do have a 486 that's close to
>sacrificial. Will that do? It has removable hard drives, same make but
>smaller and older, and there's three of them... and it isn't my second
>floppy. What are you thinking? You need to get out more.
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