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Re: HotZiggity and the Bios: Peter, we Need to Know


>> I'm very glad you got your second floppy working
 again.  However, when you say
>I don't know what
>happened, but I won't be rudely interrupting a boot again any time soon.

Please reconsider.  You're the only person
 who had this problem.  As of now, strictly
 from reasoning, we have to deny culpability.
 But I would like very much for you to try it again.
 If the problem *does* happen again, then we've
 got a big problem that we had better know about
 right away.  If not, the Long Arm of Coincidence
 is the presumptive culprit. <<
-or the Dangling Digit of Destiny... That computer is about to go to the
Big Plug and be my internet server. But I do have a 486 that's close to
sacrificial. Will that do? It has removable hard drives, same make but
smaller and older, and there's three of them... and it isn't my second
floppy. What are you thinking? You need to get out more.