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Re: list posts rec'd all at once

> On Tue, Jun 23, 1998 at 05:13:20PM -0400, Laurie Spiegel wrote:
> > I'd love to stay this involved, but for the moment, I think I really better
> > ask to be taken off the :zz: list because there really is no way that I can
> > keep up with it on top of all else.

On Wed, Jun 24, 1998 at 02:25:19PM +1000, Andrew Pam wrote:
> I hadn't realised the zigzag list was going to get so busy so soon!
> I'll set up a daily digest and you can subscribe to that instead.

OK, I have now created zigzag-digest@xxxxxxxxxxx  If you would
prefer that to the normal (instantaneous) Zigzag list, send email to
zigzag-digest-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxx and then to zigzag-unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxx

Share and enjoy,
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