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Re: list posts rec'd all at once

Help. I put zigzag's floppy in my Gateway p-5 120. It has two drives. One
has now ceased to be recognized on boot.

What I did before this happened:

Started the machine;
realized the boot floppy was still in it, and I didn't want to run zigzag
hit the reset button.

Presto, no drives atall.

Shut down completely. started up again.

Presto, no second drive. AAAAAgh!

I've done a cold start a few times, the BIOS stuff no longer lists that
drive, just takes a while to try, then moves on.

I tried booting completely from the floppy, then shutting off the machine,
then a normal startup.

I can't help thinking this zigzag floppy has done something to my computer.
Is this possible? Hard to believe an unrelated coincidental toasting like
this. The second hard disk is just gone as far as the BIOS is concerned. My
next step is to open it up and start jiggling wires...

Any ideas?