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Re: HotZiggity resets the BIOS ?!?

This is bad.

I thought that Linux kept its own BIOS in RAM.



At 11:23 AM 6/23/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Help. I put zigzag's floppy in my Gateway p-5 120. It has two drives. One
>has now ceased to be recognized on boot.
>What I did before this happened:
>Started the machine;
>realized the boot floppy was still in it, and I didn't want to run zigzag
>hit the reset button.
>Presto, no drives atall.
>Shut down completely. started up again.
>Presto, no second drive. AAAAAgh!
>I've done a cold start a few times, the BIOS stuff no longer lists that
>drive, just takes a while to try, then moves on.
>I tried booting completely from the floppy, then shutting off the machine,
>then a normal startup.
>I can't help thinking this zigzag floppy has done something to my computer.
>Is this possible? Hard to believe an unrelated coincidental toasting like
>this. The second hard disk is just gone as far as the BIOS is concerned. My
>next step is to open it up and start jiggling wires...
>Any ideas?
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