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:zz: "Execution across a dimension"

So did I understand correctly what you meant
 by execution across a dimension?
> Executing all the cells on a given dimension
> could be a possible function ...

Zat what you meant?

I have always said that once people understand
 the structure, anything goes ... !-)


At 08:22 AM 6/23/98 -0300, you wrote:
>> description of the system.  Except I'm not sure
> what this one means--
>>       - execute across any dimension
>Any cell can of course be executed.
> Executing all the cells on a given dimension
> could be a possible function, but I don't
> see it in the minimalist set you're positing.
> What am I missing?
>(me again)
>I really like the concept of execution across a 
>dimension! and so I just included it. I think
>it moves the concept from data structure to
>"function" structure, where display of data is a
>basic function and so execution along a dimension is
>what you have already. But once you have gone that
>far there can and will be other functions and these
>can/will be executed along one or more dimensions.
>It doesn't have to be part of the "minimal" set of
>functions though. 
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