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Re: list posts rec'd all at once

>On Tue, Jun 23, 1998 at 11:23:16AM -0400, Peter Barus wrote:
>> Help. I put zigzag's floppy in my Gateway p-5 120. It has two drives. One
>> has now ceased to be recognized on boot...

Ted and Andrew (and fellow zag-ers),

Argh... Part of me loves this lists list's overload of ideas and ideals.
But the rest of me knows that I just don't have time for it (esp with such
non-rigorous threading that a message whose subject indicates that it
responds to my last message turns out to be PC Bios-related user tech

I'd love to stay this involved, but for the moment, I think I really better
ask to be taken off the :zz: list because there really is no way that I can
keep up with it on top of all else.

Maybe there could be a lower traffic list for actual info and major
announcements, such as of finished documentation, website or code
revisions, distribution news, and the more mundane chat could continue on a
high traffic user and tech support list that some of us would be better off
not getting. Maybe 3 lists, for (1) announcements, (2) developers, (3)

Thanks, and I am very sorry to drop out of this list, but I'm already too
far in over my head for such an increase in daily message count.

- Laurie

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