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fwd from Jason XXXXXXXX, would-be user

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>Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 02:24:01 -0400
>To: ted@xxxxxxxxxx
>From: "Jason R. XXXXXXXX" <XXXXXXXX@xxxxxxxx>
>Subject: xanadu.net
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>I just tried to download the ZigZag from the www.xanadu.net page, and it
>asked me to log in. Nothing I do seems to allow me to create a user account.
>I have a concern that the other person who both saw and understood the
>meaning of your software the other night at the wearable conference, may
>give up trying to download it. I, however, in addition to sending this
>salutary message, will check back in a few days.
>Oh, and I disagree that this is a paradigm-less system. You simply replace
>a paper paradigm with a spacial one (2d->xd). The more I think about it,
>the more I prefer the object model. You can have an object (aka blob) with
>no external links but can be referenced directly (if you try to create the
>same object twice, it tells you it already has one (akin to "Oh, DAM, I
>knew that" (see below))). I think this is probably more akin to the human
>brain: many snarfs(giga-blobs) of data where the links vanish over time,
>but the unreferenced data still exists, which also explains why people
>start off smart and get stupid (and especially explains smart-ass
>teenagers). This gave rise to the Jungian uber-word DAM (a cypher for
>direct access memory), which exists in many cultures. 
>BTW, I'm going to write you a note in a few weeks to pump you for bright
>ideas regarding Listening (and, eventually, Responding) computers. Feel
>free to spend sleepless nights and days thinking about it, all at no
>charge. It would be good for me to get off-the-cuff opinions from a bright
>person, such as yourself, who is otherwise in a vacuum to the current
>theory (I can read) but who is (or appears to be) creative (I call this one
>who is unfettered by knowledge), and I do so know so few unfetteredly
>creative individuals that I have to solicit such wherever I can find them.
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