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Your exactly correct set of ZigZag axioms


You have produced a very nice and compact
 description of the system.  Except I'm not sure
 what this one means--
>	- execute across any dimension

Any cell can of course be executed.
 Executing all the cells on a given dimension
 could be a possible function, but I don't
 see it in the minimalist set you're positing.
 What am I missing?

Best, Ted

>1.The atomic unit of the proposed structure is a single cell with maximum
>2 neighbors defined in each of n arbitrary dimensions.
>2. The contents of any cell are not restricted by type: so that one could
>contain a script, a function, an address, a pointer, a phone number, etc.
>3. The user defines and controls cell content, declaration of dimension, and
>position of any cell within this space.
>4. Minimal functions required include:
>	- declaration of a new dimension
>	- add/delete a cell in one or more dimensions
>	- add/delete/modify contents of a cell
>	- add/delete/modify links
>	- execute across any dimension
>	- view areas of the space, likely 2 or 3 dimensions at any one time
>	- an overview of the dimensions of the entire space

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