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Re: [xanadu] flecks ?????

____Textpert Alert____ wrote:
>   Flecks? "Flecks" as in "Xanadu-Flecks[tm]"? Where has
>   Ted Nelson described their workings, and what is the
>   genesis of their, uh-mm, fleck-y name? (Obviously,
>   I must've slept the last few years under a rock...)

Flecks of gold...  I believe they are mentioned in Literary
Machines but it may have been something else I read.
Supposedly they make a good unit of international exchange
and can be used to measure the *tiny* Xanadu charges for
reading a paragraph or sentence of a published document.

I'm not into precious metals investments so I have no
idea how sound they are for this application.

-Jeff Rush