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Re: [xanadu] flecks ?????

"Flecks" is a shorter word than "nanobucks". Snapier, too. Maybe he's
onto something. I think it is marketable. Better than beanz or flooz.

But really, Paypal is hardly a transparent payment sytem for reading
large numbers of copyrighted materials. And where are the
transclusions and versioning? I'm betting on Xanadu for the long run,
especially for digital material.

Also, thanks for enhancing my Reading Experience.

____Textpert Alert____ said at Ò[xanadu] flecks ?????Ó.
[Sep/01/2000Fri 12:24]

-  In an article on de/merits of different web-payments
-  systems, professional loudmouth Joe Bob Cringely sez
-  this:
->   [...] PayPal, on the other hand, just shifts around
->   dollars and cents from one person to another. Dollars
->   and cents, not cyberunits or beanz or flooz or the
->   currency my friend Ted Nelson wants us all to use,
->   flecks.
-    ^^^^^^
-  Flecks? "Flecks" as in "Xanadu-Flecks[tm]"? Where has
-  Ted Nelson described their workings, and what is the
-  genesis of their, uh-mm, fleck-y name? (Obviously,
-  I must've slept the last few years under a rock...)
-ps. observe (and appreciate?) absence of any 167 Ki jpg
-    attachement to enhance Your Reading Experience.

To design the new structures of writing for screens is a profound
issue of literary structure.  It is important to provide the best
literary structure that we can, for hypertext, as the literature of
tomorrow, determines in part the new structure of civilization.
Civilization is in large part about, and around, what is written. 
This is what we call literature. Literature is an endless river,
connected, like water, in all directions.  Document connections go
forward and backward in time, and sideways between documents. 
Scholarship and fiction, political speeches and criticism,
advertising, journalism and technical reports-- all affect each other
and evolve in a constant flow of ideas and writings. ... Ted Nelson...

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