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[xanadu] flecks ?????

  In an article on de/merits of different web-payments
  systems, professional loudmouth Joe Bob Cringely sez


>   [...] PayPal, on the other hand, just shifts around
>   dollars and cents from one person to another. Dollars
>   and cents, not cyberunits or beanz or flooz or the
>   currency my friend Ted Nelson wants us all to use,
>   flecks.

  Flecks? "Flecks" as in "Xanadu-Flecks[tm]"? Where has
  Ted Nelson described their workings, and what is the
  genesis of their, uh-mm, fleck-y name? (Obviously,
  I must've slept the last few years under a rock...)


ps. observe (and appreciate?) absence of any 167 Ki jpg
    attachement to enhance Your Reading Experience.