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Re: Fwd: In-Band Information Considered Harmful

Lasse Hillerøe Petersen wrote:
> >Rich Pasco wrote:
> >> Why harmful?  Looking to see your article.
> >For the purposes of Perl, because this:
> >   <EM>H</EM>elpful info
> >does not match if you search for "Helpful info" which makes
> >it bad.
> In fact the above is abuse of markup for typographical purposes. EM was
> never intended to be used that way, if I'm not much mistaken. But of course
> people can and thus will abuse markup that way.

True, but there are other non-abuse ones that will have effectively
the same action.  That one was just the first I thought of :)_

Thanks for telling us about the mac word processors that work this
way - I didn't know there were any!


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