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Re: Fwd: In-Band Information Considered Harmful

Ah yes indeed!

I wrote a piece for the W3 journal last fall on it, "Embedded
 Markup Considered Harmful."  Hope to post URL shortly
 (I don't have it at the moment, but I think it's on the Web).


At 02:35 PM 10/26/98 +1100, you wrote:
>I just read this on the Perl5Porters list:
>From :Chip Salzenberg <chip@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> At the Conference, I was pleased to speak at length with Ted Nelson
>> on many subjects, and made the point to me that one of the Xanadu
>> system's best features was its total separation of markup (i.e. 
>> formatting and hyperlinks) from content.  It would have allowed
>> (e.g.) me to use one set of markup and (e.g.) you to use another
>> set, all without duplicating or mangling the original content.  None
>> of this is at all feasible with HTML/XML, which would require either
>> duplicating content or commingling various independent sets of
>> markup data.
>Ted, what's this stuff?  (Yet Another) part of Xanadu I haven't heard
>of!  Sounds GREAT from Perl's POV.
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