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Re: Hunting for the Xanadu FAQ

Bissia wrote:
> I hope Xanadu as an OS could one day run on a Mac or Macintosh
> based machine by the way ?

Well, Xanadu is not really intended to be an Operating System as such;
it's more a way of storing, managing and communicating documents -
a file system, in a way.  Current work is concentrating on making the
Xanadu facilities available over the Internet as an extension to 
the World Wide Web, but the OSMIC research at Keio University may
eventually lead to another of our goals, to provide Xanadu support
at the operating system level as some sort of installable filesystem.

The Internet work is designed to use existing Web software as far
as possible in order to work on as many systems as the Web does.
The filesystem work may support the Mac at some stage - although it
appears that new Macs will in any case move towards NeXTstep rather
than MacOS.  And you could always install Linux on your Mac.  :-)

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