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Re: Hunting for the Xanadu FAQ

Dear Andrew Pam,
you answered:
>Well, Xanadu is not really intended to be an Operating System as such;
>it's more a way of storing, managing and communicating documents -
Is there a connection with it and SGML ?
>a file system, in a way.  Current work is concentrating on making the
>Xanadu facilities available over the Internet as an extension to 
>the World Wide Web, but the OSMIC research at Keio University may
>eventually lead to another of our goals, to provide Xanadu support
>at the operating system level as some sort of installable filesystem.
That's it and I find this very interesting, there isn't only the W3 after all.

It is strange that Xanadu's concept looked more advanced and ahead
of the WWW architecture ( SGML, HTML, etc ? ), while now it looks more 
like trying to integrate seamlessly with that ? as you described :
>The Internet work is designed to use existing Web software as far
>as possible in order to work on as many systems as the Web does.
In what particular aspect is it interesting and superior in features from
the actual html web implementation and can they coexist together ?

>The filesystem work may support the Mac at some stage - although it
>appears that new Macs will in any case move towards NeXTstep rather
>than MacOS.  And you could always install Linux on your Mac.  :-)
Correct, The Macintosh is the sole machine which can integrate and run
many different OSes with or without emulation.
The Yellow Box will indeed support a spice of Unix ( based on free BSD I think )
and the Mach MicroKernel ?

But after all I'm not that a techie guy, just a curious bloke open to Xanadu ( for ALL
platforms, such as Java may be ? )

read you soon, Bissia at eyecon@xxxxxxxxxxx

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