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Hunting for the Xanadu FAQ

I would like to read the Xanadu FAQ but have no WWW access ?

Could someone enclose the document(s) in source or TXT format.
no RTF or Microsoft Word, etc please.
And send it to my email box.

Thanks in advance.

>Ted Nelson's "Xanadu" project is important to those of us interested in the
>history and poetics of cyberspace and its linkages -- it was Nelson, after
>all, who coined the term "hypertext" -- and I am grateful to Andrew Pam,
><avatar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, for the time and trouble he took in compiling the
>Xanadu FAQ, which I ran across again today at:
>     http://www.xanadu.net/xanadu/faq.html

read you soon, Bissia at eyecon@xxxxxxxxxxx

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