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Re: annotations, two way links, social space

Jim Clark wrote:
> I recently found interesting discussions of two-way hyperlinks, and
> annotations to Web sites, at the addresses below.  I'd be interested to
> hear the group's take.
> http://www.muchmusic.com/muchmusic/cyberfax/annot.html

Very well written.  I notice that right at the bottom of the page Misha
does note the connection with Xanadu.

> http://www.unrealities.com/web/backlink.htm

I was already aware of this work.  Thanks for sending those
two URLs, I've added them to the Xanadu Resources page:

Note also that Hyperwave does support some collaboration features -
notably that all links between objects in any Hyperwave servers are fully
bi-followable (though not when a link endpoint is not a Hyperwave server
- improving this situation is one of my goals for the Open Hypermedia
Protocol).  This feature is also used to provide annotations for all
Hyperwave users with write access to a server.  There is also a facility
for Hyperwave users to send real-time messages to one another if using
the native Hyperwave clients, though it is not currently supported with
Web clients.

> Put a different way, I would like to live in the world that results
> from that kind of communication -- and a vision like that can be a more
> compelling selling point than IETF debates.   (Sorry Andrew, I know that
> work is important, but I can't see Jeanne D'Arc riling up an army about it. 
> But changing the world's information space for the better?  Hey, I'm in.)

Hey, you're preaching to the converted here!  I have only been to one
IETF meeting so far, since I spend more of my time trying to make such
a world possible than merely talking about it.  However, I respect the
IETF and the W3C as useful forums for exchanging, exploring, evaluating
and promoting technology ideas.

Share and enjoy,
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