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cheerfulness aside...

  Writes Edward Cherlin in regard to the truly exquisitely-
  titled "Re: HI. Wow. Thanks. [this version OK for publishing]"

EC>> I have been designing an integrated book/Web site/CD-ROM/MOO 
EC>> using Xanadu principles, which is why I'm waiting for news of
EC>> implementations on this list.

>    I have written an introduction to the Net,
>    http://www.newbie.net/Newbie_Pages which incorporates the rest 
>    of the Net by reference.  I provide direct links to all the
>    information sources a Newbie needs, which together make it
>    possible to find almost everything on the Net.

>    For example, I define the Internet as a collection of computers,
>    software, communication links, and people, all bound together 
>    to the extent that there is agreement on how to communicate:
>    protocols over the comm links and between software modules, GUIs
>    between the hardware and wetware, and Netiquette between the
>    people. This definition leads to links on the various topics
>    mentioned. 

  Gosh, if this is how you DEFINE the Internet, then god help the 

  Sarcasm aside, what _exactly_ are these "Xanadu principles" of
  yours, and where have you got the innane idea, that (emphasis

      "providing direct links to ALL THE INFORMATION sources 
       [a newbie needs], which together [will] make it possible 
       to find ALMOST EVERYTHING on the Net" 

  is anywhere near the solution to an imaginary Internet newbie's 
  [assumed?] initial sense of utter befuddlement, disorientation
  and, er, "newbiness"?