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annotations, two way links, social space

I recently found interesting discussions of two-way hyperlinks, and
annotations to Web sites, at the addresses below.  I'd be interested to
hear the group's take.



What particularly interested me is the briefly mentioned notion that
different linking configurations result in different social spaces.   I've long
been convinced that two-way links would make for a fundamentally
different type of "conversation" than HTML creates ...  but it's difficult to
articulate why.  Still, for me, that conviction is far more powerful than the
details of technical implementation -- it's the little flame from the lamp on
the "X" which keeps the whole thing burning, if you'll forgive a bad visual
analogy.  Put a different way, I would like to live in the world that results
from that kind of communication -- and a vision like that can be a more
compelling selling point than IETF debates.   (Sorry Andrew, I know that
work is important, but I can't see Jeanne D'Arc riling up an army about it. 
But changing the world's information space for the better?  Hey, I'm in.)   I
haven't read nearly as much as I'd like to about the social effects of a
different information-sharing paradigm.  

Best regards to all.  

Jim Clark, Los Angeles
jclark@smrh law office, jbc@xxxxxxxxxx social