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Re: HI. Wow. Thanks. [this version OK for publishing]

Ray Ozzie writes:
> Instead, the Web has turned out to be a medium that is clearly skewed
> toward the broadcasting metaphor of "readers" and "publishers," most always
> having identifiable information "providers" and "consumers."  Due to the
> fact that the this metaphor was established very early on, and was
> supported by weak technology (no user identification & authentication, no
> authoring/editing environment, no document database or any organizational
> metaphor to speak of, and the name "browser" itself!) people got used to
> the environment as a static environment.  And there it sits.

> Even for all its glory and tremendous utility and value, it stagnates from
> the perspective of effective collaboration.  Is there hope?

> I'm not so sure.  

Well, it's a small start, but there's a Web-based collaboration technology
called the WikiWikiWeb.  You can visit it at http://c2.com/cgi-bin/wiki;
people are actually interacting there, and it's spawned other versions.

Don Dwiggins				"Solvitur Ambulando"
SEI Information Technology