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Re: All of the WWW Available **Forever**

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on here so I hope it works!  I've been following all the emails, and have read several articles and so on about Xanadu and find it really intersting.  I think that I basically understand the concept of Transclusion, but I'm wondering, what would:


actually do???

Thanks for any info you can give,
Antonio Maio

 ____Textpert Alert____ <ianf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  True to my name handle, I'd like to alert y'all to the truly
>  Xanadudlian mission of the start-up Internet Archive and Alexa
>  companies, the former a non-profit effort to continuously
>      s t o r e  ALL OF (unrestricted-access) WWW pages FOREVER ;
>  the second a commercial outfit developing tools to browse and
>  reuse such cumulative/ multi-generation archive contents.
>Based on Paul Bissex' article at:

Sounds like this might be a good time to propose a new URL scheme,
something like


which would automatically go to this archive or to Deja News, as
appropriate. I have made the suggestion to the IETF, and will find out how
to start the process, if y'all like.