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Re: All of the WWW Available **Forever**

Edward Cherlin wrote:
> Sounds like this might be a good time to propose a new URL scheme,
> something like
> transclude:[URL]:[date]:[segment(s)]
> which would automatically go to this archive or to Deja News, as
> appropriate. I have made the suggestion to the IETF, and will find out how
> to start the process, if y'all like.

Actually, we badly need URL extensions to support partial document
addressing and version selection in a standardised way.  If we could
address ranges within documents from a URL, it could be implemented
using the new "Byte range" facilities in HTTP.

Initial suggestions:

The "#target" prefix could be extended to support the variant "#from-to"
where "from" and "to" are decimal integers representing a byte offset
within the document.  Of course this assumes the document has a linear
(or at least linearly addressable) structure.  HyTime provides more
comprehensive addressing mechanisms which support other document
dimensionalities, and the Open Hypermedia Protocol working group is
considering using some of these design ideas is a more lightweight form.

Many file systems which suport versioning use a semicolon to separate
the base filename from the version (for example, the ISO9660 CDFS).
This convention could also be supported by web servers capable of
offering more than one version of a document.  It appears that this
would not require any software modifications, merely codification as a
recommended practise.

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