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Re: All of the WWW Available **Forever**

>Hi everyone,
>This is my first post on here so I hope it works!  I've been following all
>the emails, and have read several articles and so on about Xanadu and find
>it really intersting.  I think that I basically understand the concept of
>Transclusion, but I'm wondering, what would:
>actually do???

I suggested it, so I'll tell you what I meant by it.

Most of the Web and most of Usenet (minus the inaccessible and material
under conventional copyright or otherwise marked off-limits) is accessible
from certain archive sites. The transclude: scheme would direct a browser
to ask the archive for specific portions of a particular version of a Web
page, Usenet post, or other resource from a particular date. The archive
server would process the request and return the segments requested. If such
a transclusion were embedded in a Web page, E-mail, Usenet post, or other
document, it would appear to the viewer with the transcluded segments
merged in the text from the page, just as proposed in Xanadu. Pointing to
transcluded text would reveal the transclude: URL just as we are used to
for other links and for images.

This proposal says nothing about transcopyright, but that could also be put
to the IETF.

>Thanks for any info you can give,
>Antonio Maio
> ____Textpert Alert____ <ianf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>  True to my name handle, I'd like to alert y'all to the truly
>>  Xanadudlian mission of the start-up Internet Archive and Alexa
>>  companies, the former a non-profit effort to continuously
>>      s t o r e  ALL OF (unrestricted-access) WWW pages FOREVER ;
>>  the second a commercial outfit developing tools to browse and
>>  reuse such cumulative/ multi-generation archive contents.
>>Based on Paul Bissex' article at:
>Sounds like this might be a good time to propose a new URL scheme,
>something like
>which would automatically go to this archive or to Deja News, as
>appropriate. I have made the suggestion to the IETF, and will find out how
>to start the process, if y'all like.

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