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>I love Ted Nelson but what's the stance of Xanadu toward what's happening on
>the Web?  Things are exploding without people waiting for mechanisms that allow
>them to be compensated for their "content" down to the last second or tenth
>of a cent.  In fact most probably don't feel the need to be paid for their
>content.  Those that do usually have the resources to create formal mechanisms,
>like free teasers and a place to humbly submit your encrypted VISA number
>when you're ready.
>So why not declare victory and join the party?

Xanadu has things to offer, such as resource mirroring, and maintaining a
document's history, doesn't it? And support of collaborative authoring
within the model?

But if the Xanadu protocol isn't a superset of http, and the Xanadu markup
doesn't fit within the SGML standard, I don't know what its chances of
success are.

What is the relation between Xanadu and the World Wide Web?


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