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Re: Xanadu discussion list

>         Yes, I'd think a repost might get things going.

OK, coming right up!

> I haven't heard diddly about Ted's World since Edition 87.1 of
> Literary Machines.

The most recent edition was 93.1; more information was added (mainly to
the foreword) in the 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1993 editions.  If you haven't
already done so, I strongly suggest you browse our Gopher/WWW server
(addresses in my signature below) - at least the Xanadu FAQ.

>         The Net offers much of the expensive hardware and system support
> required.  I doubt the world's a micron closer to accepting the forward
> stride in intellectual property matters at the heart of that old Xanadu.

That is probably true, and I believe one of our most important objectives.

>         "It's by-god socialized thought I tell you!" would have been the
> common man's reaction back then.  I think things have fallen back far
> enough today that that same comment would be heard from the world's
> 'leading' 'think' tanks.

I don't think we should worry too much about what either the "common man"
or the "think tanks" have to say about it - if it works, or even if it
doesn't work, what we learn will be of great benefit.

>         How's about a test area offering a communal creation or two?

What kind of test area?  That's really what this mailing list and our
Gopher/WWW server are for.  Contributions are always welcome!

Share and enjoy,
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