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Re: Xanadu discussion list

> Xanadu has things to offer, such as resource mirroring, and maintaining a
> document's history, doesn't it? And support of collaborative authoring
> within the model?


> But if the Xanadu protocol isn't a superset of http, and the Xanadu markup
> doesn't fit within the SGML standard, I don't know what its chances of
> success are.

I don't think those standards are necessarily as important as they may appear
at present, providing there are sufficient other incentives to use Xanadu.
However, I believe it should be possible to write a backward compatibility
interface to offer a limited subset of Xanadu facilities using WWW cleints.
I discussed this with Ted last year.

> What is the relation between Xanadu and the World Wide Web?

WWW, like much of the hypertext/hypermedia field, is derived directly or
indirectly from the Xanadu ideas.  Tim Berners-Lee has been aware of Xanadu
at least since Autodesk, and acknowledges the influence.  Interestingly, I
believe he recently published a paper advocating the addition of more
Xanadu-like features to WWW.  Does anyone know where I could find this?

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