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[sw@xxxxxxxx: Sunless-Sea page on EnfiladeTheory]

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Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 20:07:56 -0800
From: sw@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Sunless-Sea page on EnfiladeTheory

Ted, Mark, Roger, Andrew--

Sunnless-sea.net seemed to lack a basic tutorial on enfilades,
so I added one:


Mark, I made some bold surmises about Ents on this page:


Comment to me on either one or just edit the page there (click "revise"
near the top of the left margin), it's a Wiki.

Praise appreciated too :-)

P.S. Andrew sent out an ad for the sunless-sea.net site on Jan. 8;
look at the daily usage stats for January:


Your presence is required.

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