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Re: Greetings

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On 1/9/02 12:23:33 PM, Billy Tanksley <btanksley@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This is a little off-topic, but have you guys checked out the 'royalty'
> system in Mojonation (http://www.mojonation.net)?  Essentially, they
> created a system whereby you pay using an invented currency, called
> 'mojo'.  Mojo can be produced by anyone, but it has value according
> to what it can be used for; Mojonation itself produces one currency,
> which is of use to pay for their services, while a bandwidth provider
> could produce another to provide for its services.  Like real currency,
> exchange rates would form, some mojo would be universally acceptable
> (and thus act as money) while others would trade at a discount.  You can
> pay for content, storage, transport, processing time, almost anything
> the network can offer.

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 12:43:23PM -0800, Henry at ProZ wrote:
> ProZ.com uses a point system called browniz, which 
> translators can earn, by doing things for the community (like 
> uploading glossaries), and can use, to access community 
> services (like online glossaries).
> Among other things, these new currencies will allow us, 
> perhaps for the first time, to quantify the relationship between 
> brownie points and mojo.

Hee!  I am indeed aware of MojoNation, but thank you for drawing my
attention to ProZ.com.  I recently discovered another very promising
distributed network with a credit system, GNet:


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