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Re: Sunless-Sea page on EnfiladeTheory

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   This is a very good explanation.
   Several points;
   There is an algorithm published in DrDobbs that is equivalent to
   Model T, does anyone have a reference, it was many years ago and I've
   lost it.

   The inclusion of self balancing trees in gold was a mistake or at best
   a temporary hack, as they screw up when confronted with the disk/memory
   division.  They will have to be replaced with something that doesn't
   require disk writes for every read operation, the code structuring
   should make this an easy enough task and lots better than any hack
   that tries to preserve the splay tree stuff (I can prove this I think)

   And most importantly, lets start a discussion on the problems that
   might benefit form ent&enf theory.  Solving the theory is 1000 times
   easier than programming and selling a solution.

   So steve can you explain your intuition?  I'll look up "Delaunay
   triangulation" but I've got to run now.  any other suspected problems
   that might yield to this are welcome.  This could be most rewarding
   and educational.

   Great Work!

   sw@xxxxxxxx wrote:

     Ted, Mark, Roger, Andrew--

     Sunnless-sea.net seemed to lack a basic tutorial on enfilades,
     so I added one:


     Mark, I made some bold surmises about Ents on this page:


     Comment to me on either one or just edit the page there (click
     "revise" near the top of the left margin), it's a Wiki.  Delaunay
     triangulation Praise appreciated too :-)

     P.S. Andrew sent out an ad for the sunless-sea.net site on Jan. 8;
     look at the daily usage stats for January:


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   1. http://www.sunless-sea.net/wiki/EnfiladeTheory
   2. http://www.sunless-sea.net/wiki/Definitions/ent
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