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Re: merge release

>From michael@xxxxxxxxxxx Mon Sep 10 04:28:26 1990
	Subject: Re:  merge release
	Cc: xtech@xxxxxxxxxxx

	xpp:  - gmon-.o is still not included in the dependency mapping,
	        so it must be made as a separate target.

I've been meaning to get that straightened out.  Maybe better next time.

	      - The default target is only the libraries, and the regression
		tests are not run.  Make the target "tests", or the target
		"all" (which does the libraries and the tests) to run the 

When I'm actually working with the code I *want* the default to be just the
	calc: - Changes to the file xpp/xpp.mk broke the makefile.  I made a
	        revised version and sent it to wjr, who should add a few tweaks
		and distribute the result.

Sounds good.  It actually compiled for me with the new xpp.mk before I released
it though.

	      - The file xpp/in.h (internet includes as tweaked for c++) was
		missing, though it was required by serverx.cxx.

I renamed it to xpp/inc.h to be consistent with our file name convention, and
get rid of it as a special case when copying many files with patterns that
match the conventions.

		Tomorrow:  Merging snarfs...

Have fun.


	- eric