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how to kill object servers

Welcome to the Dean and MarkM show....

We don't intend to do this any time soon.... (long after release 1.1).

Consider a user-defined Waldo type in secure Scheme.  Let's assume for
the moment that when it hops to a new stamp, the old stamp is garbage
(there's probably a few other constraints...).  If so, we can do a
source-to-source transformation from the Waldo Description to a
Shepherd that stores the object straight to disk.  Bert hops just
becomes assignment and diskUpdate.  When the 'Waldo' gets hopped to an
existing orgl, it extracts the state of the orgl directly into it's
instance variables, and diskUpdates.  Etc.  

This provides our direct support for persistent objects directly to
users!  The semantics remain the same, but the Waldo executes on the
server directly as an object without the overhead of Orlgs and Berts.

Cute, huh?
Dean & MarkM