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Re: merge release

Hmmm... My wild-applause letter was sent using "R", so it was
addressed to eric@son-of-blob and xtech@son-of-blob - and it seems
to have hit eric but NOT xtech.

Release notes:

It only took 11 hours to get this one to compile xpp, xlatexpp, and calc.
(It's gettin' better all the time...)

xpp:  - gmon-.o is still not included in the dependency mapping, so it must
        be made as a separate target.
      - The default target is only the libraries, and the regression tests
	are not run.  Make the target "tests", or the target "all" (which
	does the libraries and the tests) to run the tests.

xlatexpp:  - Compiles just fine.  (As noted in eric's announcement, the
	     regression tests RUN, but they don't yet PASS.)
	   - As with xpp, the regression tests are not run by default.
	     In this case, the "all" target misses one of the libraries
	     included in the "default" target.

calc: - Changes to the file xpp/xpp.mk broke the makefile.  I made a
        revised version and sent it to wjr, who should add a few tweaks
	and distribute the result.
      - The file xpp/in.h (internet includes as tweaked for c++) was
	missing, though it was required by serverx.cxx.
      - Once these two fixes are in, regression tests pass.

Tomorrow:  Merging snarfs...