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Weekly Planning Meeting, 8/15

Highlights 8/15:

Argh! How did I fail to get last week's planning message 
out until the next week? My apologies to everyone.

The big congratulations this past week go to hugh, who has the 
flat document viewer working (remember, I'm a week behind here--discussion of
the finishing of Alpha is for this COMING week). Hugh 
is slowly but surely approaching the point where the frontend is good 
enough so that I could write this weekly memo using it; hopefully, 
I'll give the frontend that kind of test in a few weeks.

Meetings: Roger, Greg, discuss copies of 2.0 from Nat. Hill, 
michael, discuss assigning nil destructors. Michael, roland, 
discuss parsing 2.0. Hugh, dean, markm, ravi, roger, discuss 
run & tuple protocol. Ravi, roger, discuss common view. Michael, 
please tell marcs and joel about newsSpeak on performance. We 
will hold a debating society meeting on Monday, August 28, on 
the marketing plan (that's a week from when this memo is getting 
posted, not a week from the time of the meeting). 

Anyway, this week's task list is as follows:

A.     dean

x    8/15/89     figure out canopy rebalancing
x    8/15/89     helping roger with smalltalk
     8/22/89     rework iterators
     8/22/89     implement canopy rebalancing
     8/29/89     sensor canopy
     8/29/89     specify ent test tools
     9/05/89     partial orgls

B.      hill

x    8/15/89     padl 1 and 2 become a leaky alpha
     8/17/89     postprocess markm's preAlpha to create Alpha(!)
     8/22/89     replan the upcoming weeks based on situation
     8/22/89     reinstall bomb package 
     8/22/89     change formic, no recipe for deferred copy
     8/22/89     implement asTupleNoDuplicates
     8/29/89     replace regions with enclosures
     8/29/89     grandmap

C.       hugh

x    8/15/89     flat document viewer done
     8/22/89     figure out tree ordered coord spaces
     8/29/89     waldo for inclusion lists
     9/05/89     integrate FE with Alpha

D.       markm

x    8/15/89     broke out FEBE files
x    8/15/89     help hill with padl
x    8/15/89     should there be an assert macro with if and blast?
     8/16/89     necromancers
     8/17/89     weak tables
     8/17/89     merge prealphas with hill to create Alpha
     8/22/89     fix pure virtual functions
     8/22/89     finish testing doc & links
     8/22/89     smart pointers
     8/29/89     garbage collect orgls & berts
     9/05/89     implement follow

E.       marcs

x    8/15/89     new PERT
x    8/10/89     patents discussion at autodesk
x    8/14/89     disseminate mkt plan locally
x    8/15/89     get Ravi started on both FE and office setup
x    8/15/89     more detailed thoughts on FE
x    8/15/89     check on P.O. for Nat 
x    8/15/89     alert greg to sensitivity of ent design.
     8/22/89     complete part 2 of the doc & link layer documentation
     8/22/89     status report for the board
     8/22/89     beat sun about catalyst
     9/14/89     rough draft of AMIX/Xanadu frontend comparison
     9/21/89     rough draft AMIX/Xanadu integration plan
     9/21/89     start second round of patenting work
     9/27/89     racetrack

F.       michael

x    8/15/89     urdi headers designed
     8/22/89     urdi headers implemented
     8/29/89     urdi-style writing
     9/05/89     URDI complete for sun 4

G.       ravi

x    8/15/89     C++ and other tools running MS-DOS
     8/22/89     get common view running
     8/22/89     study TCP issues
     8/22/89     list PERT tasks

G.       roger

x    8/15/89     learning smalltalk
     8/22/89     get compositors running under C++
     8/22/89     scrolling windows under C++
     8/29/89     variable fonts with nonoptimal redisplay
     8/29/89     textedit working
     8/29/89     link editing
     9/05/89     comparison working with bogus
     9/05/89     walker FE in C++, version 2, with bogus

H.       roland

     8/22/89     xlint & stubble working 2.0 
     8/22/89     run prealpha through xlint
     8/29/89     warning when class has destructor w/o constructor
     8/29/89     whole first-generation xlint operational
     8/29/89     deal with multifile xlint
     8/29/89     optimize xlint
     9/05/89     automatic documenter
     9/05/89     concurrency/exceptions in stubble
     9/12/89     write morphic for parameterized checking of "ofs"

I.       Bill

x    8/15/89     fix mail with AMIX
     8/22/89     backup whole system

J.       Lars

x    8/08/89     talk with swedish facilities management people

K.       Joel

x    8/15/89     work contingencies for dev support person
x    8/15/89     marketing risk memo for chris
x    8/15/89     distributed v2 of the marketing plan
     8/22/89     sell bob xanadu
     8/29/89     agenda for lizzy
     8/29/89     graphics designer for new brochure
     9/01/89     new brochure (?)

L.       Unassigned

     How well will canopy rebalancing perform?
     Hire Developer Support Person
     Document X++
     Tumblers as subclass of partiallyOrdered
     tutorial for users on the frontend
     reference manual for users on the frontend
     test scaffolding, code exercisers
     rollin, rollout a la Univac
     subaccounts, permissions on FE
     sys admin, i.e., archiving and partitioning disks
     programmer's example