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Re: subclasses of x++

>From heh Mon Aug 21 13:28:32 1989
	I've done some thinking on the string handling problem, and I think that
	the solution is not to subclass BitArray, but to either build composite
	objects or to query an attribute object.
	  The reason is simple,  you'd need many, many subclasses because of different
	character sets or scripts.
I agree.  Actually I prefer Dean's argument  that the interpretation depends
on the attributes, so the message should be to the attributes object.

That agreed upon, there is still the problem of the right way to build 
sub-classes of Xpp stuff.  This will arise sometime, and I'ld like to know 
the answer before I need it.  Acutally I expect that our preference 
for polymorphism will cause subclassing standard stuff to be rare, but I 
expect that 3rd parties will want to do it, if only because it suits
their style inhereted from ObjectiveC or smalltalk.