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various smalltalk ->c++ questions

1) how do I have 2 constructors with 2 arguments differentated by argument type?

2) how do I have c++ create something with a c++ type and smalltalk use an internal type?
	ferinstance  x <- Character create.
	and I want in c++  x = NEW(XCharacter());
	so that the c++ stuff uses the XCharacter defined functions, but smalltalk uses its
	internal stuff, with all the smalltalk stuff underneath it.  This is mostly so that
	I can write even more c++ in smalltalk, but not necessarily test it there (low level stuff).

3) how much of the c++ stuff do we have in smalltalk?  I can't find BitArrays ferinstance.

I find that the worst problem with developing in smalltalk is that the c++ compiler does such a
terrible job of telling where a problem in an include file is!  If I manage to get a bad type
in a .hxx file, the compiler gives me ~12 syntax errors with file names or line numbers.
Most Annoying.