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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] gzgzg

On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, 94.rZWT_xb>Xz.268.54  wrote:

>  |> what versions of jdk,swing,openxml do you use?
>  |
>  |See gzigzag/Java/README
> yeah, thought i did.
> it doesnt tell too much thou. ;)
> nevermind.

Do tell me how I should improve on it?

>  |Did you have the right command-line args?
> $ java foo.Main bla
> i also tried giving an existing zz file from zigzag 0.70 with likewise
> nullsuxxess.

That won't work. The formats are entirely different.

>  |Try a fresh (the very latest) version - the CVS tree is changing FAST.
>  |A bug today might not be there tomorrow. We're looking at making a tarball
>  |release soon.
> ok, i ll just keep digging.
> i got the newest version on my java 2 system, where it wouldn t compile so
> i tried the version i got 2 weeks ago on another machine where there
> happened to still hangout jikes and jdk 1.1.7 where it did compile but not
> run, so i ran the 1.1.7 compüiled classes on the java2 environment via
> nfs... its all very entangled .. i ll try and sort that out somehow.

Could you send the error messages from the Java 2 compile? That's something
that should be easily fixable.